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Aloha, to Paradise!

Cherubims lifting their wings on high,
East of the Garden of Eden.
Continuing in flight for the rest of the night,
Sounding their wings with reason.

Alighting among the tall Piney hills,
Midst wondrous, Aquatic expanse;
Echoing the call of Dawn's early shrills,
Warmed softly to new romance.

Bearing peace and charm to a new abode,
In spiritual energy.
Blending joyful hearts in sportive mode;
Hearkening in our reverie.

From whence you come, and now here lead
Welcome to you, we entice.
Jubilation is here in Diamondhead;
Aloha, to Paradise!

Dan Ellis

Diamondhead Dancers
Frances Plaia, Shirley Strickland, Carolyn Reeves, Charlie Olivier, Lorraine Heffron, Peggy Glynn, and Ruth Olivier.

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