Hawaiian Heritage

     Southeast of Honolulu, Hawaii is the Island of Oahu.  As if rising from the waters is the great and magnificent promontory of Diamond Head.  Hickory Point, Mississippi was a far cry from the image presented by the original Diamond Head, but not in the mind's eye of its proponent.
     Through Malcolm P. McLean's leadership, Diamondhead was a signal achievement which led to the success of other land promotions.  These included other developments which were in various stages of phasing, such as:  Pinehurst in North Carolina, Lake Arrowhead, near Atlanta, Sandpiper Cove in Destin, Lake Forest outside Mobile, Newport near Houston, Mile High east of El Paso, and Falconhead between Dallas and Oklahoma City.  However, none were nearly as spectacular as Diamondhead.  

     In the first marketing brochure, the essence of melding Hawaiian island tropics with the piney wood-lands and marshes became instant Mississippi Gold.
     "Right out of the islands, with all of its exotic beauty and charm, comes the inspiration for DIAMONDHEAD, a residential resort community located on the highest point on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Dramatically designed facilities grace the gently rolling terrain and sparkling blue water ways offering a lifestyle that features championship golf, water sports with marina facilities, swim and tennis club, riding club and stables, neighborhood recreation centers plus outstanding luxury condominiums and beautifully wooded home-sites.
     Sound like a vacation?   . . .
DIAMONDHEAD can be yours, exclusively,
for every day the rest of your life."

     "On the south side of I-10 a beautiful Yacht Club was being built, and on the north side a luxurious Country Club, both in the same Polynesian architectural style as the Sales Lodge.  To one side and in front of the Country Club was the Fairway Villa Motel (which has since been moved to the commercial area, and later known as the Diamondhead Inn)."

     Lt. Governor Charles L. Sullivan officially welcomed the Diamondhead Corporation to Mississippi on Wednesday, June 30, 1971 by applauding William H. Maurer, President of the Corporation.  Little Miss Laurie Hector tended the scissors for the ribbon cutting.  Hundreds of guests were invited to participate in the opening of the Quarter million Club House and Golf Course.
     Lt. Governor Sullivan extolled  the Diamondhead Story as being the first successful project undertaken by the Company before Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Texas.  He further proclaimed that Diamondhead was one of the only development communities to have access to both Salt water and fresh water.  He also complimented the company's decision in reserving 640 acres for open spaces and recreational and community facilities.

The Country Club was the heart and soul center for the developing community of Diamondhead.  When it burned down in 1995, many residents gathered in shock as the smoke was rising from the remaining hot cinders.  Lost were all of the large original photographs of the Kings and Queens of the Land Parades to that date.

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